Lighting Audit Programs

Lighting Renovation & Retrofits

Lighting Audit ProgramsLighting Renovation and Retrofits

We perform complete lighting retrofits to improve quality of lighting while providing greater efficiency. We take advantage of utility incentives for replacement of antiquated lighting systems with new energy efficient systems. When taking advantage of utility rebates we will reduce the pay-back period to months instead of years, in some cases.


Retrofit Products

We use only the best renovation products available in the industry. We pride ourselves on the quality of installation as well as the quality of materials used. We evaluate products on a regular basis to ensure we are current with the latest technology and how to apply it.

Examples of lighting renovation solutions:

  • T8 2×4 and 2×2 Troffer Kits. Lensed and Volumetric Conversions
  • T8  Strip and Light Industrial, 4′ and 8′ Tandem Kits
  • LED Thread in Lamps – MR16 to Par38 Replacements
  • LED Renovation Products for Interior and Exterior Applications
  • metalux-troffer-retrofitT5, T8 and LED Industrial High Bay Solutions


Lighting Audits 

Lighting audits are the most effective way to evaluate the current lighting system and identify the best methods for reducing energy cost. We have the expertise to deliver a full, investment grade, audit and proposal that will pinpoint each specific area of opportunity, the recommended lighting and controls solution, and a scalable summary of:

  • Annual energy savings
  • Operations and maintenance expense reduction
  • Simple payback
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Environmental Impact
  • Cost of delay

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